Postcards from Mt. Ulap

We know many of you have already trekked the heights of the lovely Mt. Ulap.

We, too, have been there.. back when only a few people knew of it.. back when it was harder to climb because the pathways were almost virgin of human shoe steps.

The first few ascend was really tiring (because we are really not in to climbing- we can say we had no choice because it was a group activity in the office which we had to attend). And yes, we were not enjoying the first views along the way, because it was almost similar to what we had back home.

Samples of our Original Postcards

But yeah, when we were getting there, I admit, I was going a little bit sentimental... wishing I was with my husband there, hold my hands, help me up, and have selfies together. Yes, the view was so awesome, it makes you go senti.

This is why "Postcards from Mt. Ulap" came to reality... well, digital reality, that is.

Of the thousands who already got to Mt. Ulap's summit, we are pretty sure each soul had stories to tell. Emotions to show or hide while they were there. 

Postcards from Mt. Ulap wants to revive the art of "snail mail". Yep, the old fashioned way of sending handwritten letters by using our Post Office. I remember, when I was in grade school, I was always thrilled to receive air mails from my cousins in USA and Mindanao. It was like touching their hands when I get to read their letters and signed photographs.

We, from Postcards from Mt. Ulap would like you to experience the thrill of sending and receiving postcards.. like you have been there.

The photos used in the postcards are original and are overlayed with original handwriting. 


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